About Us

Established in 2010 Village Family Farm is a year –round, all natural, culturally oriented production farm that incorporates ancient indigenous farming techniques in the growing process, as well as a seasonal farmers market, where the community can purchase clean, all naturally grown, freshly harvested local foods. Supplying food to an area that USDA has declared a food desert, Village Family Farms is living up to it s mission statement of “providing fresh locally grown produce to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them”, by hosting weekly markets on location and other various locations throughout the city Village Family Farms provides produce for some of Cleveland’s largest senior communities, and is a trailblazer for urban farmers in the city by holding its own at some of Cleveland’s largest farmers markets.

Centered in the historical Hough neighborhood just north of Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, Village Family Farms is the heart of the now Agricultural District of Hough, re-zoned to meet the agricultural needs of the Village. Village Family Farms is an urban oasis that sits on roughly an acre of land, which was once looked at as urban blight, is now home decorative ponds, serenity gardens and living statuary and walkways incorporated into the landscape of the farm to pay homage to our ancestors(recognizable from Google sky). Being passionate about food security and sustainability, the Village is also home to one of Cleveland’s first apiaries and pollinator sanctuaries (Pollinators Paradise). Bee All You Can Bee honey, one of the first entrepreneurial enterprises grown at the Village, cultivates the bees as well as humanely and sustainably harvests the honey & promotes it and other bee products at Village markets. Pollinators Paradise is a habitat created to attract and encourage pollinators to seek sanctuary in a multitude of pollen rich native wildflowers, grasses and herbs grown to support a healthy ecosystem for butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and a host of other pollinators.

TEAMGROW is the life giving force that keeps the Village centered culturally and as a family, they handle all the daily operations on the farm. Village Family Farms and TEAMGROW are positioned in the community to educate and empower its members on not only the ins and outs of urban agriculture but also food security and sustainability as well as healthy lifestyles and living. Partnering with the local library and Cleveland MetroParks TEAMGROW hosts workshops and training sessions teaching all things urban agriculture related as well as beneficial optimal health related subjects. In addition to teaching the community about gardening, urban farming, and optimal health The Village is taking on interns and will be holding summer youth gardening programs.